Bi-MEK celebrates 20 years dedication to better health!

20 years for better health! From the beginnings, we have been following our mission to deliver maximum values ​​to our customers, and to ensure continuous highly professional support and coverage of all the medical equipment market needs, as well as introduction of all innovative and advanced technologies in parallel with the latest global trends.

Today, Bi-MEK, is a synonym for professionalism, customer care, a desirable employer, and a partner for stable and long-term cooperation. We managed to achieve partnership cooperation with more than 30 world first-class manufacturers of medical equipment, and thus to realize long-term contracts with more than 1000 customers and to install aproximately 1600 medical devices in North Macedonia.

“In the past years, we brought many novelties and modern medical equipment on our market, always following the global trends, we set new standards and accomplished excellent results as a team. The numerous successfully implemented projects and satisfied customers in the public and private healthcare sector are proving it. When I look back, from how we started with two employees and a great desire to be able to contribute to Macedonian healthcare to what Bi-MEK stands for today, I’m thrilled and honored to be a part from such a successful company story”, said Tanja Evrosimovska, one of the shareholders and controller of Bi-MEK.

This year Bi-MEK actively participated in many medical expert meetings: the First Macedonian Internal Medicine Congress organized by the Association of Internists and the Balkan Congress on ENT and Head and Neck Surgery organized by the Association of Otorhinolaryngologists and also has supported and participated in the symposiums of the Association of Radiologists as well as the Society of Cardiologists.

Bi-MEK always supports young doctors and future residents and this year gave its support to the Macedonian Medical Student Association and the European Medical Student Association.

“We have invested a lot of effort and dedication in the past years, and with the excellent team of Bi-MEK, sometimes even what it seemed impossible, we managed to make it possible! The plans for 2023 are even more ambitious, and despite the fact that a difficult year is in front of us, we will continue to work responsibly and always prepared to meet the most complex requirements of our customers”, said Dr. Danica Alacka Dukoska, director of Bi-MEK, and added

Successes should be celebrated, and for that occasion, on behalf of our anniversary, we decided to thank our customers, so we prepared big surprises and discounts and to the community through various donations and activities, because investing in society is a responsibility for all of us.”

Bi-MEK continuously invests in advancement and upgrade of the knowledge and competencies of its sales and service team.

“As a small company, we are proud of our long-standing cooperation with our customers, and our team of highly skilled engineers holds great knowledge and experience to repair, prevent maintenance or electrical safety control for the most advanced medical equipment. It is a huge challenge for us to work on various projects, from fully equipping operating rooms to the most complex magnetic resonance and computer tomography system installations,” said Marjancho Cacanoski, service manager.

What motivates us is the trust received from our customers and the employees who are the driving force of our company. Our devotion and work have been acknowledged by our partners and domestic institutions with 18 recognitions and three awards (twice for a socially responsible company, as well as for a fast-growing company).

Our priority for the future is to get a deeper level of understanding of our customers’ needs and on other side our employees’ needs so we can provide solutions that meet their needs more closely than ever before.

Our goal is to improve the capabilities and effectiveness of the healthcare systems in the field of medical equipment thus enhancing the patient experience, improving health outcomes and the satisfaction of the healthcare professionals.

Bi-MEK Ltd is part of the Papapostolou Healthcare Technologies Greece group, founded in 1914, a leader in the sale and service of high-quality medical technology in the region. Our company is characterized by a long tradition and knowledge in the industry of supply, technical support and integrated services of medical equipment for hospitals, clinics and private centers and for many years we have been present in other Balkan countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia).

Written by Bimek


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