Medical ventilatior – elisa 300 | 500 Lowenstein Medical

  • Latest compact device for mechanical ventilation – respirators with technology of operation on the principle of turbine
  • Possibility for invasive ventilation and non-invasive ventilation
  •  12 “or 15” touch color display
  •  More than 25 modes of mechanical ventilation
  • Possibility for use in intensive care, emergency and intra-hospital use
  •  Modular functions: Cuffscout® – cuff management, PEEPfinder® – detection of true PEEP, sedation ventilation, PESO® – transesophageal pressure monitoring
  •  CPR mode, HiFlow oxygen mode, Weaninganalyzer®, capnography, automatic patient detection, WOBOV ventilation mode, PAPS® ventilation mode, ALPV® ventilation mode, mesh inhalation, humidifier, various maneuvers
  •  Hygienic system to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections 

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